Why Your Small Business Might Not be Succeeding in Atlantic Canada, and What You Can Do

Why Your Small Business Might Not be Succeeding in Atlantic Canada, and What You Can Do

Atlantic Canada is a place full of small communities, driven by small businesses. In a place so small, large companies are not overly prevalent. That is not to say that small business owners are not constantly fighting competitors, and facing other difficult challenges.

You could say that the lack of major corporations creates higher demand for goods and services and a greater need for easy access to these things.

Instead of popular brands, businesses in Atlantic Canada compete with one another. This may be against neighbors, friends, other members of their community. In order to bring in more customers, business owners must provide the best service and meeting every customers’ needs.

This is often easier said than done, but this article aims to show how small businesses in Atlantic Canada can improve business and stay on top of the competition.

Small Town Charm
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Small Town Charm

First of all, small businesses actually tend to have the upper hand in Atlantic provinces. The familiarity and friendly nature appeals to the residents of these communities, something that large companies cannot replicate. Perhaps there is even a sense of tradition or local pride associated with shopping at small businesses. These may be businesses that have been around for decades, or fresh entrepreneurs looking to plant roots in their hometown.

Keeping Up with the Times

The one downfall of local business owners is too much faith in word of mouth. Sometimes, business owners can forget that not everyone in their town has lived there for their whole lives. Some locals may not be up-to-date on everything going on in the area, meaning that smaller businesses are not getting more attention.

Everything from current news to the latest trends is documented online, and people tend to turn to the web first when they want information. This includes looking for services or products, which helps them to make decisions on where to go. When everything else is available online, it makes sense that businesses should be too.

Surprisingly, many small businesses in Atlantic Canada have not yet taken advantage of this useful business tool. Studies have found that business with their own website have been seen as more trustworthy, and generate more business than those without. Websites are an excellent way to get ahead of competition, and keep up with the fast-paced world of marketing.

Atlantic businesses have discussed the need to innovate and adapt in order to boost business, and creating a business website is the perfect way to do that. The majority of platforms for websites are very adaptable, making it easier than ever for businesses to keep up with market trends and demands. Small businesses are able to evolve with more ease than a large corporation, and for this reason, a website is a tool that could further increase their success.

Keeping Up with the Times
Keeping Up with the Times

Meeting Local (and International) Demand

Atlantic Canadians are in the habit of travelling elsewhere or searching online for things they think they cannot find nearby. Often, this is because they are not aware of what local businesses have to offer. With a website, your customers can find your business by using relevant keywords and searches based on their specific needs.

Better yet, having a website for your business will allow anyone to find you, whether they are in your area, or across the globe. This means that tourists planning a trip to your area will be able to scope out the best local businesses ahead of time. And international customers have the ability to make purchases from your store, no matter the distance.

Not only can you share your passion with established customers, but you can reach new customers from anywhere in the world! Your business is unique, it’s time to let others see that too. With the ability to reach consumers from anywhere, the possibilities are endless.

A multi-faceted tool for the savvy business owner

Many local businesses are finding lately that there is a drastic labour shortage. This has made running their business and finding new employees difficult. There are simply not enough workers! Too many employers find themselves struggling to find candidates with the right skills for the job.

While a website can’t completely solve this issue, it can help to promote businesses to everyone from customers to investors, find local talent and advertise job openings. Though this does not necessarily have to be done on your own website, having an online home for your business allows potential employees to learn more about your business, and create interest in future employment at your establishment.

Likewise, a website can introduce you and your employees to customers, which helps to build trust and a sense of familiarity before even setting foot in store or making a purchase with your business. Business hours, contact information, and the key values of your business can all be stored in one convenient and clear location.

Websites are also an excellent advertising system that is available at any time of the day, throughout the year. It’s environmentally friendly, cheaper than traditional advertising, and far more customizable.

It doesn’t just share information about your brand with your customers, however. Websites collect data and analytics containing useful information about your customer base, website traffic, the reception of your website, and other statistics to help you improve your business. Furthermore, your website can collect feedback from customers, or be a place for testimonials, reviews, support forums, or customer support etc. You can bring the best possible service to customers through one tool.

It's time to have a website for your business
It’s time to have a website for your business

A Round-the-Clock, Skilled Employee

In light of labour shortages, having a website can bring more business online so theshortage has a less devastating effect on your business. Recent reports say that small businesses in Atlantic Canada are giving up plans of expansion. Or they are having to reduce services and products due to labour shortages. If these businesses chose to create a website, that would both expand business and help with labour shortages.

As all business owners know, there is a lot that goes into running a business and managing employees. A website can work more hours than the average person, and will still be up and running through the night. This means that your business never closes, even after the doors are locked for the day. All the information your customers need is accessible whenever it suits them.

Websites give users the ability to make choose your services with only a few clicks, saving both your customers and your business lots of time.

It also reduces training time, and fear of finding someone skilled enough to trust with handling your beloved business.

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