Can Your Local Accommodation Business Survive Without a Website?

Can Your Local Accommodation Business Survive Without a Website?

If you are someone who runs a local inn, bed and breakfast, room rental service, or similar business, you may be wondering what the use is in creating your own website for your business. Chances are, your business may be listed online under several different accommodation booking sites such as Expedia,, and other similar sites. 

Though it may be simpler to allow other companies to do the work for you and advertise your business, there is a major issue. In letting another brand promote and list your business, you have little control over how customers perceive your business. 

Creating a Website: Why it’s worth it

For one thing, many customers will not be reaching you directly, but rather, booking with you through somebody else. Involving a middleman can complicate matters, especially if you are not in close communication with that other business. They may raise your rates, or advertise falsely. Perhaps they won’t include your contact information or excluded features which you consider important. 

No one knows your business like you do. That’s is why it is important for potential customers to hear about it from you. Having your own website for your accommodation business allows you to create the narrative. You can also make sure that all the information is correct. It gives you a chance to say why your business is better than the competition, and attract customers. There, you have full control over prices, and can include an online reservation system, which is convenient for your customers.

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Of course, you can still list your accommodations with larger booking sites. But ensuring that you have your own website creates a home for your business. It’s also a place for customers to find you and verify rates and additional information. 

Research shows that people trust businesses with their own websites more. In an industry built on trust and security, this alone is reason enough to make your own website. Your customers will thank you for providing them with peace of mind, honest prices, and a level of professionalism that booking through external sites cannot achieve.